Weston Pew, founder and director of Inner Wild, founder of the Sacred Door Trail
The style, content, and wisdom of this book create an experience that transports the reader into an altered state filled with insight and inspiration. Its more than a book, it’s a journey that changes you for the better.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, author, lecturer and founder of the Golden Sufi Order
In The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom are woven together many of the threads that are essential to today's spiritual journey, a journey that belongs to each of us individually and also as a whole.  As we stand on the edge of the abyss of our present ecocide and collective forgetfulness of the sacred, these threads that belong to our spiritual heritage are vitally important.  They belong to our past and to the timeless present that is within and all around us.  Here are stories to sustain us, conversations to nourish our soul, and directions to follow.  They can help to give birth to the child of the future, a child with stars in its eyes and a song in its heart.

Mirabai Starr, inter-spiritual author and speaker
Where to begin to describe the living, unfolding, multifaceted jewel that is this Journey Toward Wisdom?  It is a book, yes, with words so carefully and lovingly crafted that the doors of the mind open wide and offer us safe passage directly into the landscape of the heart.  It is also music so sublime that the secret yearning of the soul cannot help but rise up in response, only to be simultaneously fulfilled.  It is also an array of images beautiful and clear, and an invitation to sit with our most vulnerable and generous questions, and a homecoming to the table of the human family.  How did our Seven Pillars friends make this miraculous thing?  I am in awe.  And unspeakably grateful.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author and co-director, One River Wisdom School
Media and message have gone together since the dawn of humanity's search for wisdom.  Whether painted on cave walls or carved in stone tablets, whether ink put to parchment, or e-ink to tablets of a more ephemeral kind, are search for wisdom has always kept pace with our capacity to communicate. The Seven Pillars is a glimpse into the timelessness of wisdom through cutting edge media.  The book literally speaks its truths, inviting us to see as well as hear the wisdom of what is so.  The Seven Pillars is a global book for the global soul, transcending the many narratives we have invented that divide us, and revealing the heart of the human story all us share.

Chris Grosso, author of Indie Spiritualist, and Everything Mind
The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom is an incredible multimedia experience that explores and celebrates the living truths of life: from religion to nature, science, arts and how they relate to our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. In the books own words, “This is an enterprise of deep conversation, poetry, music, imagery, prayer, silence, and contemplation. It is a caravan of exploration, learning, and growing. It is a call to cultivate a new ethos for our time as we bring the future into being.” And quite the caravan it truly is. I recommend gifting yourself many quiet hours with The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom and then, gifting yourself several more.

Edward Sharif
This extraordinarily powerful and original combination of art, music, video and text guides us into the core of our being, there to discover the purpose of our existence. Read with an open heart it will change your life. The message of this beautiful illuminated e-book is the cure for the pain of our souls, our society, and our planet. Spread the word!

Janelle Supris, Global Peace Initiative of Women
The e-manuscript Journey Toward Wisdom by Seven Pillars is an existential tour into some of the essential themes of life: soul purpose, inner wisdom, intention, adversity, and transformation.  With each chapter, the reader joins an intimate conversation of depth and candor between thought leaders.  Refreshingly, each discussant offers a personal and relatable, not prescriptive, insight on each pillar through heartfelt narratives, be it personal experiences or bearing witness to the many aspects of life’s unfolding for the individual or community.
Complementing this very thoughtful read is an accessible holistic experience. You are guided by resource links that deepen comprehension of concepts, invited to exercises that make each theme experiential, and enriched with stunning musical arrangements and visual expressions.
I highly recommend The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom, an elegant contemplative elaboration, for those beginning a search, as well as for those who wish to found again.