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Seven Pillars House of Wisdom Inaugural Event
The Cry of Our Time & Humanity's Response

August 29th - September 1, 2008

A gathering to begin a search for new ways forward toward the emerging planetary paradigm—a paradigm that reflects beauty, unity, truth and a higher ideal for ourselves and the world community.

Seven Pillars’ inaugural weekend gathered scholars, faith-leaders, artists, business people, philosophers, media representatives and friends from a variety of disciplines to explore themes relevant to a heartful approach to life and our common human experience.

Photos by Jane Feldman.

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LA Transformance

The Seven Pillars Journey of Wisdom was held at the Vortex Immersion dome in Los Angeles on October 20, 2013, produced by Darakshan Farber

Photos by Julianne Reynolds

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Seattle Event
Living with Meaning in the Face of Global Crisis

Nov. 11, 2011

Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, Rabbi Olivier BenHaim, anthropologist Leslie Conton, and native storyteller Roger Fernandes

Bounded by the unknown before birth and after death, we are flung into a particular moment of history during which we experience life. Our choices chart our route. Our personal stories help to shape the collective story. In times of community, national and global crisis, we rightly question and recreate our personal and cultural stories.
How does our personal story inform the unfoldment of the global story?
In a participatory evening with respected "wisdom keepers" from a wide range of traditions, exploring the journey of life, and the demands of our times.

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